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Symposium SAMOP Dissertation Prize (SYAD)
Prof. Dr. Matthias Weidemüller, Universität Heidelberg

Efimov Physics (SYEP)
of the divisions Q (leading), A, HK
Dr. Eva Kuhnle, Universität Heidelberg;
Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Hammer,Technische Universität und GSI Darmstadt

Dipole Moments – A Tool to Search for New Physics (SYDM)
of the divisions HK (leading), A, MO, Q
Prof. Dr. Hans Ströher, FZ Jülich und Universität zu Köln;
Prof. Dr. Marc Vanderhaeghen, Universität Mainz

Extreme Matter: From Cold Atoms to the Quark Gluon Plasma (SYEM)
of the divisions Q (leading), A, HK
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Berges, Universität Heidelberg;
Prof. Dr. Selim Jochim, Universität Heidelberg

Applied Noble Gas Physics (SYNG)
of the divisions MS (leading), MO, UP
Prof. Dr. Werner Aeschbach-Hertig, Universität Heidelberg;
PD Dr. Ingo Leya, Universität Bern

Promovierendensymposium: Controlled Diatomic Molecules in the Ultracold Regime (SYPS)
of the working group jDPG (leading) and the divisions A, MO, Q
Katharina Lauber, Universität Innsbruck;
Lukas Reichsoellner, Universität Innsbruck;
Alexander Glaetzle, Universität Innsbruck

Interactions between Twisted Light and Particles (SYTL)
of the divisions A (leading), Q
Dr. Jörg Götte, MPI-PKS Dresden;
Prof. Dr. Stephan Fritzsche, Universität Jena;
Dr. Sonja Franke-Arnold, University of Glasgow
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